There’s nothing quite like the fall…

Crisp, cool air that tingles your skin as you wander through cider mills and corn mazes. 

Fuzzy sweaters that hang past your hands and droop over the limbs of friends you hug at fall festivities. 

Pumpkin spice scents dance across your house as you decorate with oddly shaped grouds and vegetables.

I remember when those leaves on the maple trees would flip themselves from a vibrant green to a sunset yellow that you couldn’t help but beg for them to fall so you could throw yourself into a boundless collection of them.

Nothing quite like throwing diving touchdown passes with your pops into a towering pile of crunchy leaves on a fall Saturday, I’ll tell you that much. 

Nonetheless, we all have those memories of autumn that never leave our minds—ones packed with epic experiences, joyous journeys, and fond flavors that you know and love. 

Wherever you are in the world, whether the leaves are turning or not, we figured you could use a little taste of fall so we found 5 candies that will help take your taste buds there. 

Check them out! 

1. Candy Corn

We can’t ignore the most classic fall candy of all time. If you’re not snatching a few handfuls of candy corn at the fall festivities, are you really a fan of fall at all?

Now there are plenty of different types of candy corn, from traditional to blackberry, Indian style, to s’mores style, but the important part is that you always, always have access to some candy corn during the fall.

If you have yet to stock up on your own personal stash of candy corn, get ahead of the game and grab yourself a bag before the spooky season kicks into full gear!

2. Mellocreme Pumpkins

Sibling to Candy Corn, the Mellocreme Pumpkin could be considered the big brother to the skinnier fall snack.

The Mellocreme Pumpkin, for those who don’t know, is a plump pumpkin shape filled with a creamy, gooey, and marshmallowy inside that is sweetly similar to candy corn but packs its own punch. The real challenge is seeing how many of these you can take down in a sitting before your stomach starts to sprout a pumpkin patch!

If that description got your tastebuds tingling, do them a favor by getting a bag of Mellocreme Pumpkins right here.

3. Pumpkin Spice Moon Pie

It’s simply not possible to pass up the opportunity to pack pumpkin spice into anything and everything you eat during the fall season. That includes your childhood favorite, Moon Pies!

Instead of snacking on a traditional Moon Pie like chocolate, vanilla, or banana, sink your sweet tooth into a Pumpkin Spiced one that will trigger your inner ghoul or goblin to come out. These things are loaded up with tons of flavor and will have you singing spooky ghost songs while you unwrap a second and third one.

Did we mention, these little guys are limited edition, so once they are off the shelves, they’re gone until next fall. Don’t miss your chance to snack on spice this season, get some Pumpkin Spice Moon Pies by tapping right here.

4. Reese’s Pumpkin

We’ve already determined that the Reese’s Pumpkin is one of the best Reese’s items of all time, but we had to mention it here because it’s an absolute classic when it comes to sweets that taste like fall.

Usually, you know it’s the fall when you start to wander down department store aisles and see them strewn about, kid’s clamoring over them, hoping their parent will throw a bag in the cart.

The Reese’s Pumpkin is the perfect fall snack for any time of day—you could pop one in your mouth for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three, and you are guaranteed to have those fall vibes firing all day long.

Get yourself a few Reese’s Pumpkins and savor the sweet, peanut-buttery goodness while you enjoy a crisp fall evening.

5. Caramel Apple Pop

This should be considered the most underrated and tasty fall treat that most of us forget about.

The Caramel Apple Pop is unlike any other sucker or lollipop in that it combines the best of both worlds, delivering a creamy caramel flavor, blended with the tart taste of apple underneath. One could say this tang is so tangible it takes you back to sweet memories at the cider mill picking apples with your family.

If you’re in the market for a fall treat that lasts long and keeps the flavor coming from beginning to end, the Caramel Apple Pop is exactly what you need. Grab a handful of them by clicking right here. 

Feed those fall cravings…

The time for indulgence is coming, so why not give in?!

Take that Pumpkin Spice latte, combine it with some of your favorite fall candy, and bring that autumn energy to the next level. Stock up your stash with all your favorite fall candies, and get ready for the spooky season right around the corner!

While you spend your fall season running around to different festivities, remember to bring a few sweet treats with you so everyone can enjoy the taste of autumn. And if you’re finding yourself short on said sweets, we have an entire Fall and Halloween category where you can find all the fall classics.


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