Taking a bite of a Butterfinger bar is an incredibly unique experience – there’s no candy that quite captures the same flaky crunch of this peanut-y pleasure. Butterfinger manufacturers lovingly refer to the texture as “crispity crunchity”, and proudly uphold the quality and consistency of this mysterious orange filling.

You’ve had it in your belly, and I’m sure you’ve had some crumbs in your lap, so let’s take a look at what’s really inside this beloved bar.




The whole thing starts off with real peanuts, which are freshly roasted at the factory every day. These peanuts are ground into a creamy peanut butter, the base for the Butterfinger filling. But creamy doesn’t quite sound the “crispity crunchity”, does it?


In order to get that rich flakiness, the recipe calls for the addition of…corn flakes! Now, these aren’t your regular breakfast flakes. These are light, airy and the perfect oomf to give the smooth peanut butter a bit of body. They’re stirred into the churning vat of peanut butter, making up one half of the Butterfinger center!


As all of that is happening, another mixture is simultaneously stewing away. A concoction of molasses, corn syrup, sugar, and water is quickly heated to a steamy 300 degrees, and then poured onto a cooling table to rapidly bring down the temperature. The sudden changes cause the candy to crystallize, adding even more of a bite to the consistency of the filling. And in case you were wondering, the molasses is what gives the candy its orange tone!


Once these two components are complete, they’re layered together and gently folded onto themselves to until evenly distributed. Kind of like kneading a biscuit! The process of getting it from taffy-like log to the perfect butterfinger flake is top secret. Gives a new light to the catchphrase, “Don’t lay a finger on my Butterfinger!”


The final process is a no-brainer for something coming out of the Nestle factory…a milk chocolate coating! The perfectly sized logs of crispity crunchity filling go through a rippling waterfall of melted nestle chocolate. Once it sets, these puppies are packaged and sent out to places like Old Time Candy to sell to people like you!


Now you know what’s inside, pick up a case of Butterfinger from our shop and chomp confidently. A lot of love went into that crispy little candy, so share it with the world! Or at least your lunch table. Crunch away!


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