Flicks Chocolate Wafers

We are sad to announce that the company manufacturing Flicks has gone out of business and our stock is depleted. We are disappointed too. 

Flicks Chocolate Wafers History

Flicks Chocolate-flavored wafers were first introduced to the world of chocolate lovers in 1904 by Ghirardelli Chocolates! The wafers were very popular and sold in stores and movie theaters throughout the western United States until the late 1980's.

Flicks Chocolate Wafers

The Flicks production line, built at the turn of the century, was severely damaged during a move from one city to another in 1989. The company, who had made the machinery before World War 1, was no longer in business and Flicks stopped being produced at that time.

In mid-2004, the brand was purchased by a new company, new machinery was designed and built, and they are now producing Flicks Wafers! It's the same great recipe and flavor and same melt-in-your-mouth shape!

Flicks, just as in the past, is packaged in premium tubes (for ease of pouring into your mouth at the movie theater!) and is wrapped in four colored foils: Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue.

Flicks Chocolate Wafers Memories

I loved this candy when I was a kid. My dad would take me and my sister to a small store called the PDQ and everytime I chose this candy I would get a different color tube than the last time we had been there. They stopped carrying this candy and I hadn't seen it until I went on vacation with my kids. We went to a movie theatre and I could not believe my eyes there was my most favorite candy in the concessions stand. My kids thought I was crazy jumping up and down with excitement and buying it. After eating almost all the candy I decided to leave a few pieces to show my sister when we got back home. Now I can order it online!!! ~Toni from Texas

I am a chocolate lover. As a kid growing up in southern and central California...my favorite treat was Flicks. The tough part was that in my area...it was mostly sold over the counter in movie theaters. So, the only time I could get it was when my mother gave me a dollar to go the Saturday matinee! I would forego several other treats that cost less and wait until I had enough money for my Flicks! I loved waiting to see what color my shiny cardboard tube would be and then opening it up to drop a creamy chocolate drop in my mouth. I always remember them with fondness and am thrilled they are available again! ~Bob from California

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