Appleheads History

Appleheads followed Lemonheads which were invented by Ferrara Pan Candy Company. The formula was developed in 1962 using the same method as Red Hots, another Ferrara Pan candy product. Both of these candies are made using the cold panned process.

This process involves building candy pieces from candy centers and tossing them into revolving pans while adding flavor, color and other candy ingredients. The process continues until the pieces become the desired size. The Lemonhead was created in an attempt to make a round sour candy using a similar process as the Red Hot.

Appleheads Memories

Appleheads have special meaning to me. When I was little, I would go to sleep away camp every summer. The camp store had sunscreen, toothbrushes, and all the necessities, but only one kind of candy, Appleheads. I would buy as many as I could, often up to 10 packages at once. All of my friends and I would dare each other to do things, and we would give each other a box or two of Appleheads if we completed a dare successfully

One night, when I had no Appleheads left, my friends dared me to kiss this cute girl. I was really embarrassed, but I remembered how good the Appleheads tasted, and I shyly kissed her. When I got back to my cabin, everyone was proud of me, and I got about 20 boxes of Appleheads from my friends. When I started to eat them, I realized that the moment of embarrassment was well worth it, because the candy was delicious! ~ Calvin from California

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