Big Cherry

Big Cherry Candy Bar

Christopher's Big Cherry is a mound of milk chocolate sprinkled with peanuts that contains a whole cherry in a rich creamy center.


Big Cherry Memories

When I was younger I grew up in Sacramento California and my mother used to get us Big Cherry candy bars as a special treat and since then we have moved to Michigan where no stores carry them! My mother had just gone back to visit her parents less than two weeks ago for Mother's Day and I had asked her if she could bring me back one.

She and my grandfather spent almost two hours searching for them and when they did, my mother bought the rest of the box which contained eight of them and brought them home for me. It is great because I got to introduce my kids 10, 8 and 3 to the way candy used to be when I was little. The sight of the package brought back so many memories of my childhood. Now what is even better is that I have a ordering sight to get them from whenever I want. Here's to good times! ~ Christina from Michigan

WOW, this was my absolute favorite as a kid. I remember saving all my change up and running down to the corner store and getting a BIG CHERRY! Oh the taste, the cherry goodness. I've tried to find them, closest I find is Cherry Mash, but it was never as good as Big Cherry. The Big Cherry had the real gooey center that spilled onto your clothes, but you'd just spoon it up with your fingers. The chocolate was crunchy with peanuts, just the right amount too.. All together, it was the best candy ever. I'd pick this over any other candy, any day of the week! Best stuff ever down in Texas! ~Jennifer from Texas

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