Charms Assorted Squares

Charms Assorted Squares Memories

When I was about 7, I remember my mother getting me a pack of charms assorted candy while we waited for a bus in L.A. we were going to see my grandparents in Oklahoma. The bus ride took what seemed like weeks to get there but at every stop the candy machine sold Charms assorted candy, I remember that trip with my mom and how much I loved her and the charms she bought me.

Charms Assorted Squares Later on in life about 20 years I was in the Navy. I flew in a helicopter doing med-a-vacs in desert storm and one day our helo went down. 400 miles inland away from our ship with no idea when were going to get help. That night while sitting in the sand waiting I reached in to an MRE and got a pack of Charms Assorted candy, first thing I thought was mom and a long trip, those were the best charms I ever had, next morning we got out of there but those charms sure made the stay there much easier. ~ Alfonso from Oklahoma

My most vivid memories of the Charms squares took place at the Rivola Theatre in Oskaloosa, Iowa. On occasions when my parents let me go to a movie, I always made sure I bought some Charms squares from the candy counter. The shiny wrappers under the lights in the display case made them look even better!! Friends and I would swap pieces to get our favorite flavors. A cherry square could get two pieces in trade! I always preferred the green. Also, when we went on vacations, my sister and I would beg our parents for money to by them from vending machines in the motel lobby. My family has really enjoyed the Charms squares we bought from here. Thanks!! ~Kelly from Missouri

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