CHoward's Mints

CHoward's Mints Memories

When I was five years old my mother went back to work; I had just started half day kindergarten and would need a sitter for after school. My new sitter would be a little old lady at the end of the block I had never met before.

CHoward's Mints I don't remember much about her or the times I spent at her house. I do though, remember; being very frightened and hiding in a corner behind a chair for a long time. She couldn't talk me out so she lured me out with Choward's violet mints.

First she gave me one, then another, then she set another on an end table, then two more a little further away on the coffee table and sat near them on the couch with two more packs in her hand. First she used Choward's violet mints to build trust then friendship. Everyday after school I would get my treat of Choward's violet mints. Every time I smell them I feel like I'm five years old all over again!

I'm thrilled to have found them so I can now share them with my daughter who is now five years old and start memories of our own with them and their wonderful smell. ~ Leslie from Wisconsin

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