CHoward's Scented Gum

CHoward's Scented Gum Memories

My grandmother always chewed Choward's scented gum. Whenever we'd go to her house, I'd always ask for a piece. She carried a box in her apron pocket all the time, and would reach in and pull out that purple and silver box.

CHoward's Scented Gum

Getting that gum was more special than any other candy grandma had because it was her favorite. Just chewing it made me feel warm and safe because it was SO grandma. She even smelled like it when I hugged her!

Several years ago my sister and I saw some for sale at a newspaper stand. As soon as I started chewing it and my sister caught a whiff of it, she said, "Wow, that smells like grandma". It was a "warm fuzzy" for us the rest of the day. ~ Kim from Texas

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