Crows Candy History

Crows are licorice gum drops. You probably remember them as Mason Black Crows like the box shown below from the 1950s. The same company also made Mason Dots. Today they are made by Tootsie. Crows trace their history to the late 1890s. These immensely popular black gumdrops enjoy a strong, cult-like following. Their perfectly balanced anise flavor delivers a comforting, mature taste - drop after drop.

Crows Candy Memories


When I was a little girl I was a Crows fanatic. My grandfather sold them behind the counter of his tavern. Every Sunday we would visit and I would be so anxious driving up, knowing I would get a free box.

Twenty some years later, when I got married, I found out my husband was a Crows fanatic too. Every time that we occasionally came upon them in a store we would grab them. When my grandfather, was ill, before he passed away, my husband and I visited him. And sure enough, behind the counter of the tavern were My Crows. He passed away and it was the only time my husband was able to meet him.

Thirty years later I am just blown away to find a web site that not only sells Crows, but let's me express what they meant to me in memories. And, yes, I remember the old box. Thank you! ~ Polly from Florida

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