Gold Mine Bubble Gum

Gold Mine Bubble Gum comes in a cloth bag with tie string and 2 ounces of gold colored bubble gum "nuggets."

Gold Mine Bubble Gum Memories

My husband and I used to bring our children to a very popular store in our neighborhood (this store is still in business today) in the 1970s to treat them to candy from time to time.

Our children always asked us to buy them Gold Rocks gum. They loved that Gold Rocks gum came in a neat drawstring bag that they could save and reuse after they finished the gum. They also loved that the gum resembled gold nuggets. I think in their minds they pretended that the gum was real gold nuggets, but tasty edible gold nuggets!

I didn't know that Gold Rocks gum was still being produced until I saw it for sale on your web site. Seeing it here really brought back lots of memories. ~ Martha from Connecticut

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