Indian Brand Pumpkin Seeds

Indian Brand Pumpkin Seeds - Wow, I had forgotten just how salty these seeds are! Who can forget the bright red packing with the picture of an Indian on the front.

Indian Brand Pumpkin Seeds Memories

I remember when I was at least 8 or 10 my father would walk to the corner store for some items so he would ask me to walk with him. I recall when we reached the candy aisle he looked at me and I at him and we both grab a least 3 bags of Indian brand pumpkin seeds. I don't know why but we love them.

But the funny thing was that my mother didn't allow him to eat salt so we will go to the park and just sat on the swing and eat our seeds. But one thing gave him away and that was white colors around his lips and when he would kiss my mom. She knew what we were up to. He looked at me and we both just laughed. Now that I see these bags it reminds me so much of him. Now that he gone I can least still have part of his favorite foods to share with my kids. ~ Trini from Illinois

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