Jelly Nougats

Jelly Nougats are one of Brach's most popular candies. They are cubes of creamy soft nougat with chewy jellies added to give them a fruity flavor.

Please note: These are the new style Jelly Nougats which are now called Jelly Bean Nougats. They are a little smaller and have a creamier taste. The originals (shown below) were discontinued by the manufacturer.

Jelly Nougats History

While we have not been able to track down the exact beginnings of Jelly Nougats we have found them advertised in newspapers as early as 1906. They were once made by Necco. Today Brach's is the only commercial manufacturer.

Jelly Nougats Memories

Original Jelly NougatsMy parents did not keep candy at the house. Since we lived within a block of what was known as The Little White Store, there just wasn't any need to keep candy handy. But, when I visited my grandparents there was always the candy dish sitting on the kitchen counter. I knew not to make trips to the candy dish without being invited by one of my grandparents.

My grandmother believed one piece per visit was enough for the grandkids. My grandfather was more generous. He would take me into the kitchen, pick up the candy dish and hold it down for me to get my candy. He didn't mind if I got two instead of one piece. Jelly nougat candy was my favorite of all the candies that made their way into the dish.

They weren't always available and so when I saw them they were my first choice. I'd peel off the wrapper and stick the piece in my mouth. Then I'd let the nougat part sort of melt in my mouth leaving the jelly pieces behind. Then I'd slowly chew on them trying to determine what flavors they were. My grandparents are gone now. But, I'll always remember that candy dish and the jelly nougats I enjoyed on those childhood visits. ~ Wayne from North Carolina

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