Look Candy Bars

Look is a candy bar with chewy, peanut-filled nougat covered with mouth-watering, rich dark chocolate.

Look Candy Bar History

Look! Candy Bars are yet another West Coast favorite and staple since the 1950's. Acquired from Golden Nugget Candy Company in 1972, Look! Bars are a chocolate covered alternative to Big Hunk, both of which are now owned and manufactured by Annabelle Candy Company.

Look Candy Bars Memories

Look Candy Bars box

Growing up in Southern California in late 60's. When we had money we would go to the Drug Store and buy Look candy bars! I can remember buying 6 candy bars for $.35!! Would put them in the fridge to get hard then cracked them on table and eat them by pieces. I moved to Alabama in the late 70's and no one had ever heard of them!!

I had to go back to California in 2003 for my grandmothers funeral and we went to a drug store and they had some. My brother and I bought two cases to bring back home to Alabama with us!! Wonderful candy and memories. ~Pam from Alabama

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