Mike & Ike

Mike & Ike History

MIKE AND IKE® Brand Original Fruits was introduced in 1940 by the Just Born company of Bethlehem, PA. Theories about the origin of the MIKE AND IKE® Brand name include a company-wide contest, a vaudeville song titled “Mike and Ike” and the “IKE” Eisenhower era.

Mike & Ike Memories

Whenever I see Mike and Ike's I think of my brother as it's one of his all time favorite candies. He loves all the different fruit flavors and the fact that they are bite sized. When we were little, every other Friday night was movie night. Mom would put us in the car and take us to rent a VHS movie from the video store.

In the check out line we were allowed to grab a treat for the movie. He always went for the huge box of Mike and Ikes. The funny thing is, it still happens! Although now it's a DVD and a huge box of Mike and Ikes (oh, and Mom isn't driving him). ~ Shara from Illinois

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