Nut Goodie

Nut Goodie History

Pearson Candy Company was founded in 1909 by P. Edward Pearson with the assistance of his two brothers John Albert and Oscar F. Pearson. A few years later, two more brothers Waldemar and C. Fritz joined the Minneapolis-based company, which began as a candy distribution firm, doing a little bit of manufacturing on the side.  

 The Nut Goodie Bar, one of the company’s first manufactured products, made its debut in 1912 as a premium 5-cent candy bar, and was met with much success.

Nut Goodie Memories

Nut Goodie

I grew up in St. Paul where the Pearson Candy company is located. My father knew someone there who would sometimes give him a whole box of the rejects! These were bars where the chocolate coating missed a bit of the maple creme patty or the whole patty was misshapen. They had usually been made just the day before and were sooooo good.

I still buy Nut Goodies whenever I am back in Minnesota visiting friends and relatives. They are so popular some of my new neighbors now ask if I am going to bring them some Nut Goodies in return for watching my house while I'm away. ~ Roz from North Carolina

I remember nut goodies as being my father's favorite candy back in MN in the 60s and 70s. It was a special treat when he would share one with me!! I've lived in CA now for over 35 years and just found your company recently online. When I saw Nut Goodies listed I just HAD to order some...they're still as delicious as ever!! I've shared them with the adults I teach at the CP Center and they fell in love with them as well. Just talked to my dad in MN. He couldn't believe I've found his Nut Goodies again...I'm about to send him a box now!! ~Peggy from California

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